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Smiths Medical

Vision and Strategy

To provide focus to the business through strategic marketing, as well as instigating management processes which steady cashflow and increase operational performance.


East London architects with extensive international experience looking to grow from a small start.

Company Profile:

By taking the company back to first principles by identifying weaknesses and strengths, we helped the business focus on projects which increaed cashflow and profitability.

And by helping them to understand the cost base of the business, we helped them to cost their projects more accurately.

Mentoring and supporting the team with major visits and government authorities was also identified as a key ingredient for growth.

The outcome of the time has been a dramatic increase in cashflow and a 200% increase in sales.  As a result of growth the business has moved twice to new offices and is ideally positioned in the area to take up the opportunities that are being developed around the 2012 Olympic Games in London.



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