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18 Business Awards and Counting - PHA join the elite

We are delighted to have heard that one of our first batch of clients in 2001, Paul Henry Architects and Project Managers have won their local London borough small business award.  It is a tremendous achievement and one which demonstrates the importance of establishing a solid foundation for growth in the business. That makes it 18 awards won by our clients within 4 years! Lets take a look at the secret of their success:

* Ensuring that their busienss focussed on the business of architecture NOT creating architecture for architecture sake

* A solid understanding of developing strong customer relationships.  One where the customer would come back again and again

* Understanding every cost base of the business.  This allowed them to be flexible and adaptable in negotiations.  They knew the margins for profitability.

* Flexible and easy payment terms.  Customers had a myriad of choices in paying for services.  There was no excuses for paying.

* Facedious in getting paid.  Debtors were pounced upon religiously through subtle ways.  Cash in their bank was more important than cash in someone elses bank - especially in this recessionary climate.

* Loyal and supportive staff.  Keeping their top staff meant that staff churn is incredibly low for their industry and this has paid off in improved efficiency and communication.


You too can understand the keys to sustained growth.  Spreak to us to arrange for our FREE one hour business review session.  It could be the most important hour that you can attend.  It certain was for Paul Henry Architects!


By Wayne Wright on 17th May, 2013


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